2.1 v168

A BitTorrent client that allows you to preview a file's content



Xtorrent is a very comprehensive BitTorrent client that lets you view the contents of a torrent file before downloading it, a feature that proves very useful when you download a file from an untrustworthy source.

A folder shaped icon lets you know that you can view the contents of the torrent file. It is not necessary to download full folder, just select the file you want to see and double click on it.

Searches are organised in the side panel instead of in tabs, as with most applications like this. The tabs are instead used to integrate with the Safari web browser that conducts torrent searches on Yahoo and Google.

Another interesting feature in Xtorrent is the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds relating to torrent files. This allows you to download files directly without having to go through page after pages of search results.